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@# Current tenders
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Notice of invitation to tender 2020wmde7b
for the project: @Open Edu Hub ProjectWe LearnOnline .de
1. contracting authority and awarding authority (awarding authority) – main client
Name: @Wikimedia Germany
Street, house number: Tempelhofer Ufer 23/24
Postal code (ZIP code): 10963
Location: @BerlinDE
Phone: +49 (0)30 219 158 26-0
Fax: +49 (0)30 219 158 26-9
Internet address:
2. information on the procedure
a) Type of procedure: public tender, UVgO
b) Reference number: 2020wmde7b
3. information on offers
(a) Form of tenders: electronic
Electronic without signature Text form
(b) Time limits
Bidder inquiry Acceptance up to and including: 27.07.2020 13:00 h Expiry of the offer period: 29.07.2020 23:59 h
Opening date for offers: 20.07.2020
Decision to award the contract: 03.08.2020
Signing of the contracts: 03.08.2020
Execution period Start. 04.08.2020
Binding period ends on: 05.08.2020
Execution period End: 31.12.2020 23:59
c) Language: German
4. information on tender documents
(a) confidentiality:
The contract documents are available free of charge for unrestricted and complete direct access:
16072020-wlo-SOL-2. announcement-2020wmde7b-1-1Download
wlo-Framework Agreement -2020wmde7bDownload
(b) access to the contract documents:
16072020-wlo-SOL-2. announcement-2020wmde7b-1-2Download
Award documents are only provided electronically.
5. information on the service
(a) Type of contract: supply/service contract
(b) Place of supply of services: Germany. The service is to be rendered purely electronically.
c) Type and scope of the service:
Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. advertises services to support the portal „ – Freie Bildung zum Mitmachen“. The further development of the Corona emergency assistance portal for schools takes place within the framework of the cooperation between Wikimedia, the Alliance for Education and the association in the OpenEduHub project.
For freelance work in the project, framework contracts are being tendered, which allow for a total volume of approx. 40-80 man-days. The required competencies, their proof and the concrete work to be expected can be found here:
17072020-wlo-2.service specification-2020wmde7b-1Download
16072020-wlo-SOL-2. announcement-2020wmde7b-1-1Download
Offers are accepted exclusively by e-mail to
For details see the specifications (LV).
6. details of lots
(a) Number, size and nature of lots: no – no lots
7. admission of supplementary offers
8. provisions on the execution time
Start: Immediately after conclusion of contract on 04.08.2020.
End: The service will be provided until the end of the project (expected 31.12.2020).
9. electronic address at which the tender documents can be obtained
10. deadlines
Deadline for submission of tenders on: 29.07.2020 23:59
Expiry of the binding period on: 05.08.2020
11. collateral
12. significant terms of payment
The services are documented by activity receipts and invoiced according to hours or man-days. Payment is due 30 days after receipt of the invoice.
13) The applicant must submit the following documents with the offer as proof of his suitability
Appropriate evidence of the required core competencies is expected to match the areas of competence for which the applicant submits the offer. These can be provided by suitable training or by work samples (reference to comparable projects).
The submission of an offer requires the completion of the self-disclosure form.
The acceptance of the conditions from the framework agreement contained in the award documents is confirmed by submitting a bid.
from the Federal Awarding Platform: Legal form that a bidding consortium must assume after the contract has been awarded
No special legal form; BGB companies must appoint an authorised representative and commit themselves to joint and several liability.
14. award criteria see award documents
The criteria in the LV are judged by price and relevance of the proven competence. For each published competence profile, at least three contracts can be concluded with independent MA. For details, see service specifications.
Offers that refer to bidder-specific terms and conditions as necessary parts of the contract will be excluded from participation.
Information on completed award procedures
Name of the client:
Wikimedia Germany e.

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